Oil Painting Classes

Intro to Oil Painting on Thursdays

My Introduction to Oil Painting classes are up and running at the Barlow St. Community Center in St. Albans. We meet Thursday mornings from 10 - 12 noon. Lots of fun and no prior experience necessary!  For more information or to sign up, contact the St. Albans Recreation Department802-524-1500…(continue reading)

Fall Painting Classes

I am offering beginning oil painting classes and will be teaching in two locations on Thursdays. This class is an introduction to oil painting and will cover the basic concepts of composition, value, color, and basic brushwork technique. Sketching exercises will also be included as part of the preparation…(continue reading)

Value Scale

Last week my students and I painted a grayscale and it was a lesson for me in how difficult it can be to create the subtle transitions from white to black. I had not done this exercise in quite a while and found it quite challenging!. We all found that the middle values were the most difficult to paint…(continue reading)

Pear value study

Our first class for beginning oil painting was a lot of fun and we actually ended up concentrating on more sketching than painting. I have three students in the class which makes for a wonderful small group setting - so we're having a good time getting to know each other.  The setting is the third…(continue reading)

Introduction to Oil Painting - Still Life

I am teaching an introduction to oil painting class which started on March 14 and runs until April 18th. I would like to keep the class running as a regular Thursday morning painting class - so drop ins would be welcome - even if you want to come try one class to see if you like it. The Rec Department…(continue reading)