Plein air painting

Beautiful snowstorms

I painted outside yesterday and it was only 7 degrees. I managed to stay warm  but lost my light by noon when the sky got very gray with not a hint of good color.Today is different - up here in northern Vermont we are in the middle of a beautiful snowstorm, the temperature has climbed to a nice…(continue reading)

More early spring painting 5/10/12

Now that spring is official sprung here in Vermont, I've been working on my greens. I feel an artist can either hate green, are a little afraid of using too much of it in a painting, or try to avoid it by imbuing a painting with every color BUT green. Here's my setup from a few days ago on a beautiful,…(continue reading)

Revisiting Waterville 4/17/12

I don't always finish a painting on the spot, just not that fast yet! Especially on larger canvas sizes. I recently went back to Waterville to continue working on the painting I started several months ago, probably in the Fall.  This is my 3rd or 4th time back to this same spot, and by now, it's…(continue reading)

Vermont wind is tough! 4/6/12

Yesterday I went painting with Eric Tobin over in Lower Pleasant Valley.  We set up beside a barn which shielded us from the really unpleasant cold, strong wind which kept the landscape in a constant state of changing light and shadow. I think it might have been a 100 mph wind. Just kidding but…(continue reading)

Painting near the covered bridge in Waterville, VT November 3, 2011

I joined Eric Tobin yesterday for a really nice morning of painting up in Waterville, VT. We set up near the covered bridge in town. From my vantage point, I could see the bridge, the white church and several buildings, framed by distant Vermont hills colored with soft violets and browns of early November. Here's…(continue reading)