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The Fried Egg Painting

Overworking a painting can ruin it. So I decided to Google 'how to ruin a painting' to confirm my theory. On I found an interesting article by Marion Boddy-Evans. I like what she writes. Her 5 top ways to ruin a painting include:1. overworking a painting (extremely guilty)2… read more.

Adding some post-Valentine's love to your art

From my latest newsletter...  Now that all the love letters and cards are over from Valentine's Day, it's time to LOVE YOUR ART. I don't mean that you should artificially inflate your ego tenfold. I'm talking about the moments when you can stand back and look at your painting and say "I… read more.

Re-reading Gruppe 10/30/2012

I recently experienced a computer crash and I have not been able to post images here on my website of my recent paintings. A new computer is on the way and I'll be getting some images up soon. Our Vermont foliage season seemed very brief this year, but I was happy to get to some of my favorite… read more.

Painting workshops

Just ended a wonderful 3 day plein air painting workshop with Andrew Orr. He's a great painter and gifted teacher. My head is swimming with new techniques and ideas. This is the first time I've taken a workshop and now I'm hooked. Though I paint often with friends - the workshop experience is a bit different.  Here's… read more.

Why I need plein air buddies

March 13, 2012   Above is a photo I took in Waterville, VT of the popular covered bridge which has been a favorite subject of artists for many years.  I have taken a hiatus from blogging for a couple of months in order to spend more time painting and reading my art books. I may… read more.