Art on the Fence, Stowe, VT August 6, 2011

by Janet Bonneau in Galleries and Exhibits

Art on the Fence

I recently participated in an outdoor art exhibit sponsored by the Green Mountain Fine Art Gallery, in Stowe, VT.
Here was my setup of several Vermont plein air landscapes, including “Cows on Bryce Hill” which I painted one day in early June up on Bryce Hill Road in Cambridge.
I also brought several small 5 x 7 studies of Mt. Mansfield painted from the Buck Hollow Cemetery, which offers a beautiful view of the Vermont mountains and nearby hills and farms. It’s a quiet place and I’m in very good historical company when I paint there! The large painting on the left is a view from my backyard after a snowstorm last winter.

Taking the time to reflect

While at Art on the Fence, I took the time to think about my art and just relax. I realized that I don’t often take breaks, while out in the field when plein air painting, to actually sit quietly and critique my work. I’m often working as quickly as I can before the light changes, or before the weather turns to rain or snow (although painting in snowstorms is kind of fun).
This was a chance to sit and observe my paintings in a more considered and careful perspective and to start asking myself things like – how is my style changing? should I go bigger? should I start a series with a theme? where should I paint next?
The feedback from passersby and the other artists was great and my thanks to Green Mountain Fine Art Gallery for hosting us all AND for providing snacks and cold water on such a hot day!