Painting near the covered bridge in Waterville, VT November 3, 2011

by Janet Bonneau in Plein air painting
I joined Eric Tobin yesterday for a really nice morning of painting up in Waterville, VT. We set up near the covered bridge in town. From my vantage point, I could see the bridge, the white church and several buildings, framed by distant Vermont hills colored with soft violets and browns of early November. 
Here’s a photo I took looking down at the bridge.
Halfway through the painting.
I used my pochade box since I needed to set up and paint very quickly before the light changed too much. When I paint small like this, I try and only bring a few tubes of paint with me, mainly the primary colors, some yellow ochre, and white.
Minor touch up in the studio and this painting is DONE!
 I also snapped a photo looking towards the town. You can see the soft colors of the hills in the background.
 We won’t have too many more of these 50 degree, sunny days in Vermont! But I’m looking forward to some winter painting.