More early spring painting 5/10/12

by Janet Bonneau in Plein air painting
Now that spring is official sprung here in Vermont, I’ve been working on my greens. I feel an artist can either hate green, are a little afraid of using too much of it in a painting, or try to avoid it by imbuing a painting with every color BUT green.
Here’s my setup from a few days ago on a beautiful, early spring morning. You can see Mt. Mansfield very faintly in the background. There is GREEN EVERYWHERE AROUND ME!!
 Because I live in northern Vermont, and only get to see green in the landscape maybe about 2 months of the year, I am playing up this amazing, fresh, early spring green (what some of us Vermonters call ‘new green’) that makes us forget that just a few months ago, it was dark when we woke up in the morning, it was dark at 4 pm,.This year was one of those ‘icy’ years, so we risked slipping on ice at any given moment, the driveway looked kinda icy – so forget leaving the house that day, and that we had to plan our trips very carefully AFTER the snowplows had been through sanding the ice.
I still love the icy blues of winter painting, but forgive me for posting another picture of something GREEN.