Re-reading Gruppe 10/30/2012

by Janet Bonneau in Thoughts on Oil Painting
I recently experienced a computer crash and I have not been able to post images here on my website of my recent paintings. A new computer is on the way and I’ll be getting some images up soon.
 Our Vermont foliage season seemed very brief this year, but I was happy to get to some of my favorite haunts including Waterville and Cambridge. I also tried some new locations including a stunning view of Smuggler’s Notch.
Since I can’t post any of my paintings at the moment, I thought I’d share what’s been on my reading list. I have three books by Emile  A. Gruppe and have gone back and started re-reading them, hoping to gain some new insight into his work, now that I have lots more plein air experience under my belt, or should I say brush?
“Gruppe on Painting, Direct Techniques in Oil”   
I admit I skipped to the final paragraph in which Gruppe says: “If you remember nothing else I tell you, remember this: Learn to look for the essentials and you’ll discover that both painting and life are simpler than most people suppose.”
I’ll be pondering that over the next few weeks as I head to the woods or mountains to paint.