Ruger my German Shepherd recovering from gunshot wound

by Janet Bonneau in Miscellaneous
My German Shepherd, Ruger, continues to recover from the gunshot wound from Thanksgiving weekend. If you read my earlier post, he was intentionally shot in the chest. The Vermont State Police have questioned a few likely suspects but have turned up nothing. Meanwhile, I read in the local news that another German Shepherd in Jericho, VT was shot and killed right ON his own property by a hunter who mistook him for a coyote. Idiocy runs rampant when hunting season is in full force and needless to say, there is a lot of gun carelessness and disregard for human and animal life. I am sickened by all this as our dogs are like family members to us. Thankfully Ruger survived – unbelievable that the bullet didn’t enter his chest cavity – and he is returning to normal. He has more stitches coming out January 7th, and is still restricted to leash walks for the next couple of weeks.
I thought folks might like to see some photos of Ruger during the weeks post surgery. 
DAY 2 POST SURGERY – you can see some swelling on his left leg. Poor little guy! He’s wearing a body bandage to protect the incision site. 
 Here’s another angle – you can see his gorgeous long coat and fluffy tail.
DAY 3 POST SURGERY, waiting for my husband to get home! Note the new bandage color. I had to take him back to BEVS every day for the first week for fresh bandage changes and he came back with a different color each time.

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