The Fried Egg Painting

by Janet Bonneau in Thoughts on Oil Painting
Overworking a painting can ruin it. So I decided to Google ‘how to ruin a painting’ to confirm my theory.
On I found an interesting article by Marion Boddy-Evans. I like what she writes.
Her 5 top ways to ruin a painting include:
1. overworking a painting (extremely guilty)
2. lack of tonal difference (guilty)
3. too many colors (pretty guilty)
4. only one reference photo, copied slavishly (not very guilty)
5.  The Fried Egg Composition 
I know I have at least two of those in my painting stash, done a few years ago before I realized eggs were for eating, not part of the landscape. It was a beautiful winter scene in early morning. I went outside and apparently painted what I thought I saw – a fried egg against a dark blue sky. 
The next time I did a fried egg composition, I painted several eggs in the sky.
I saw the scene as very bright sunlight shining through the trees – kind of like these eggs framed against the kale here.
I don’t paint the fried eggs into my compositions anymore and I won’t be going back into those paintings to rework them either. Why ruin a good thing.
To read the full article by Marion Boddy-Evans visit: