Vermont wind is tough! 4/6/12

by Janet Bonneau in Plein air painting
Yesterday I went painting with Eric Tobin over in Lower Pleasant Valley.  We set up beside a barn which shielded us from the really unpleasant cold, strong wind which kept the landscape in a constant state of changing light and shadow. I think it might have been a 100 mph wind. Just kidding but it was bad!
Here’s a view of Mt. Mansfield from Lower Pleasant Valley Road.  I took this picture last spring when I was out painting in the area. As the famous song says, ‘who could ask for anything more?’ 
 Mt. Mansfield, river, barn….great scene.
Here’s my set up from yesterday with the view of Mt. Mansfield in the distance. Same scene, but different season and a lot less green. 
Here’s Eric hard at work. He usually paints on much larger canvas sizes. 
I’m going back to Pleasant Valley as soon as the wind dies down or the rain stops!