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The Fried Egg Painting

Overworking a painting can ruin it. So I decided to Google ‘how to ruin a painting’ to confirm my theory.   On I found an interesting article by Marion Boddy-Evans. I like what she writes.   Her 5 top ways to ruin a painting include: 1. overworking a painting (extremely guilty) 2. lack of… read more

Adding some post-Valentine’s love to your art

From my latest newsletter…    Now that all the love letters and cards are over from Valentine’s Day, it’s time to LOVE YOUR ART. I don’t mean that you should artificially inflate your ego tenfold. I’m talking about the moments when you can stand back and look at your painting and say “I really like what… read more

Re-reading Gruppe 10/30/2012

I recently experienced a computer crash and I have not been able to post images here on my website of my recent paintings. A new computer is on the way and I’ll be getting some images up soon.  Our Vermont foliage season seemed very brief this year, but I was happy to get to some of… read more

Painting workshops

Just ended a wonderful 3 day plein air painting workshop with Andrew Orr. He’s a great painter and gifted teacher. My head is swimming with new techniques and ideas. This is the first time I’ve taken a workshop and now I’m hooked. Though I paint often with friends – the workshop experience is a bit… read more

Why I need plein air buddies

March 13, 2012      Above is a photo I took in Waterville, VT of the popular covered bridge which has been a favorite subject of artists for many years.    I have taken a hiatus from blogging for a couple of months in order to spend more time painting and reading my art books.… read more