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Beautiful snowstorms

I painted outside yesterday and it was only 7 degrees. I managed to stay warm  but lost my light by noon when the sky got very gray with not a hint of good color. Today is different – up here in northern Vermont we are in the middle of a beautiful snowstorm, the temperature has… read more

More early spring painting 5/10/12

Now that spring is official sprung here in Vermont, I’ve been working on my greens. I feel an artist can either hate green, are a little afraid of using too much of it in a painting, or try to avoid it by imbuing a painting with every color BUT green. Here’s my setup from a… read more

Revisiting Waterville 4/17/12

I don’t always finish a painting on the spot, just not that fast yet! Especially on larger canvas sizes. I recently went back to Waterville to continue working on the painting I started several months ago, probably in the Fall.   This is my 3rd or 4th time back to this same spot, and by… read more

Vermont wind is tough! 4/6/12

Yesterday I went painting with Eric Tobin over in Lower Pleasant Valley.  We set up beside a barn which shielded us from the really unpleasant cold, strong wind which kept the landscape in a constant state of changing light and shadow. I think it might have been a 100 mph wind. Just kidding but it… read more

Painting near the covered bridge in Waterville, VT November 3, 2011

I joined Eric Tobin yesterday for a really nice morning of painting up in Waterville, VT. We set up near the covered bridge in town. From my vantage point, I could see the bridge, the white church and several buildings, framed by distant Vermont hills colored with soft violets and browns of early November.  Here’s… read more

Painting at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT

I’ve had a glorious two days plein air painting at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT. on Oct. 10 & 11. The weather was gorgeous, the fall colors are at their peak and the Vermont mountain views were breathtaking. Here’s a view of the narrow passway through Smuggler’s Notch. I took this photo after… read more

Plein air painting with my new pochade box September 26, 2011

I recently went plein air painting to try out my brand-spanking-new pochade box from Alla Prima Pochade.  These pochade boxes (french for ‘small paint box’) are hand-crafted by Ben Haggett out in Missoula, MT.   I did a lot of research before buying my pochade, and decided on Ben’s because they were the most… read more

Painting at the beach

Earlier this month I spent the day at Alburg State Park Dunes, one of the longest sandy beaches on Lake Champlain, in northern Vermont, where I live. The day was hot and humid, the beach crowded with people. While the rest of my family set up chairs by the water, I scouted out a good spot under some trees to set up my easel… read more