Recent painting hiatus 9/11/2012

by Janet Bonneau in Miscellaneous
For anyone visiting my site over the past few months, you might have noticed a total lack of uploads and blogs. I have had to take a hiatus from painting much of this summer due to family obligations. It became nearly a full time job for me and I was only able to eek out one small painting for an exhibit, working on it for short periods of time here and there.
It’s a painting of a lovely town park in the city of St. Albans, VT with beautiful historic churches in the background. I painted on gessoed masonite incorporating some new techniques I’d learned from the Andrew Orr workshop in June. I scraped and sanded down dried paint, layered on color over color and reworked the sky more than once. Quite a departure from my usual style of slapping and pushing paint around on the surface. It was also mostly done in my studio, which I find a challenge. I prefer to be outside painting from the real thing. What do you think?  
“Lamplight in Taylor Park” 11 x 14 Oil on board 2012